Wednesday, April 05, 2006

SSA Gobal recruitment drive

Today SSA Global visited the campus for a recruitment drive. The particpating colleges in the placement drive were Model Engineering College, Govt. Engineering College Thrissur, TKM College, School of Engineering Thrikkakara and CUCEK Pulinkunnu. The tests were conducted online. It featured a lot of tough questions on Java and C/C++. The interviews have begun and are scheduled to continue tommorow.

SSA Global is the third largest ERP company in the world. The recruitment is towards its Hyderabad centre, which is one of the largest centres of SSA all over the globe. This office was formerly a part of BAAN and many of the employeers were part of it too. SSA uses a lot of the BAAN tools and believes in acquisitions that make it expand. Its most recent acquisition is that of Epiphany.

One of those who arrived as part of the team from SSA was Vyas Thottathil. A really nice guy, Vyas is what I would call a 100% pure MECian. Even after so much experience in the industry, Vyas still keeps the MEC spirit burning within him. Vyas...we are all proud of you. Thanks for being what you are. :-)

So long this space for more news.

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