Saturday, April 15, 2006

Some movies...

Saw some movies recently...Some bits on them...

"The Evil Dead" is a 1981 film. One of those classic horror movies. Lots of blood and gore. When you see the movie, you know at once that a lot of the later day horror flicks were heavily influenced by it. The classical elements are all there. A group of guys and gals staying in some desolate place. Ancient evil magic invoked accidently by them. The magic then hunting them down one by one. Evil trees and evil laughs. Cellars and axes. Evil books and burning them. Name it and you have it.

"V for Vendetta" is the latest offering from the Wachowski brothers. It is based on a graphic novel of the same name created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Personally I liked it, but all the reviews haven't been that superb. The film is very dark in its outlook. Hugo Weaving as the protoganist V is simply superb. He meets the challenge of doing a role behind the mask with amazing success. His voice is superb as ever. This role of his will be remembered for long along with that of Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogy. Natalie Portman stars as Evey Hammond. The movie is beautifully made and is sure to be counted as one of the best ever.

I managed to get DVDs of the original Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV,V and VI). I had seen the newer trilogy already. Pretty good...Nice story, nice effects (for that time). Harrison Ford as Capt. Hans Solo is brilliant. Too bad, they didn't have those excellent sabre duels as in the newer ones. I rather liked the last sabre duel in Episode I. :-)

Nothing more of significance...


PS : The church bells are ringing now. Guess it's Easter already. Happy Easter...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

SSA Gobal recruitment drive

Today SSA Global visited the campus for a recruitment drive. The particpating colleges in the placement drive were Model Engineering College, Govt. Engineering College Thrissur, TKM College, School of Engineering Thrikkakara and CUCEK Pulinkunnu. The tests were conducted online. It featured a lot of tough questions on Java and C/C++. The interviews have begun and are scheduled to continue tommorow.

SSA Global is the third largest ERP company in the world. The recruitment is towards its Hyderabad centre, which is one of the largest centres of SSA all over the globe. This office was formerly a part of BAAN and many of the employeers were part of it too. SSA uses a lot of the BAAN tools and believes in acquisitions that make it expand. Its most recent acquisition is that of Epiphany.

One of those who arrived as part of the team from SSA was Vyas Thottathil. A really nice guy, Vyas is what I would call a 100% pure MECian. Even after so much experience in the industry, Vyas still keeps the MEC spirit burning within him. Vyas...we are all proud of you. Thanks for being what you are. :-)

So long this space for more news.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool!

The day is here once again. The day I had been hoping for.

I was chatting away with a friend on my Instant Messenger at 12 o'clock at night of March 31/April 1 when I got this message : Happy Birthday. The celebrations had begun. It was All Fool's Day.

I log off some time later and I log on back some time ago. I get this offliner from the same person. . I had been pretty much hoping to see Google's April Fool joke and here it was. It made me go ROTFL. Way to go GOOG. :-) And here is the press release about it.. . :-)

I looked at the "News" section of my GDS sidebar. I see this "Microsoft buys Office.Org" - Slashdot. Wow! Superb. Slashdot pitches in too...

Happy All Fool's Day!