Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool!

The day is here once again. The day I had been hoping for.

I was chatting away with a friend on my Instant Messenger at 12 o'clock at night of March 31/April 1 when I got this message : Happy Birthday. The celebrations had begun. It was All Fool's Day.

I log off some time later and I log on back some time ago. I get this offliner from the same person. . I had been pretty much hoping to see Google's April Fool joke and here it was. It made me go ROTFL. Way to go GOOG. :-) And here is the press release about it.. . :-)

I looked at the "News" section of my GDS sidebar. I see this "Microsoft buys Office.Org" - Slashdot. Wow! Superb. Slashdot pitches in too...

Happy All Fool's Day!

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